Managing Director’s Message

Triangle Links Engineering Co.,Ltd ( TLE ), established since 2000, is now approaching 20years tenure.
TLE was set up initially with engineers and welders. Further it has been expending gradually with engineers of different specialities and graduates.
From the time of establishment, aim of TLE is as follow:

    1. To nurture qualified engineers and technicians to the international level, and nurture skilled welders, fitters and labours.
    2. Not to be left behind with neighbouring countries, TLE try not to lose sight on technology.
    3. In industrial sector, to support technological knowhow for the benefit of the State, and in the engineering field, to become one of the top level company.
    4. To take part as much as possible in the field of social welfare which is needed in the country.

To fulfill the aim stated above, we together with the board of directors, office personals, labours and workers are well doing their job with great effort.
In future with utmost ability we will try our best.

Htin Linn

Company Investment

End of 2016 ..... 5.0 Million USD

Company Production's Rate

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